Dear Good Police Officer


Dear Good Police Officer,

I’ve heard a lot about you. I am not convinced you exist, though you will have a chance to prove you do very soon in Ferguson, Missouri. See it is being reported that the Grand Jury has declined to indict Officer Darren Wilson for the murder of Michael Brown.

You may be wondering what this has to do with you. Well the answer is fairly simple. It is being reported that the authorities- local, state, federal and even the National Guard- are planning a police-state style response to the protests that will surely take place when the decision is announced. We already know what this type of response looks like, they responded this way during the early protests and violated any number of human rights. You need to refuse to participate in this blatant manifestation of white supremacy. If you really are a good person you realize it is only white supremacy that devalues black life the way this country does. You will recognize the righteousness of the rage felt by the protesters. You need to stand by these people. Instead of using tear gas, batons, and rubber bullets on people simply demanding that the life of an eighteen year old be worth something you should be protecting them from these things. Surely you understand that. Surely you know you need to protect and serve these people too.

I haven’t seen you yet but I’m really hoping you do exist because when you decide that you cannot follow orders which hurt and devalue people we will have won a major victory and the world will be that much closer to being a peaceful place. I know this will not be easy and it requires sacrifice but that is what being a good person is about, making sacrifices.

Hope to see you soon. Power to the People


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