The Cold

that feeling of cracked dry lips

already turned blue

blood dripping off the tip of the tongue

you ain’t suppose to see your breath indoors

what kind of cold is this?

i laid awake

eyelids heavy but struggling to close,

to move at all

i heard in the final stage of hypothermia you feel warm

i wonder if that’s why my chest feels on fire

is that my teeth gnashing

or are they simply chattering from the cold?

Tiffany called, said i should heat up leftovers for diner

i only half responded as i banged on the keyboard

uh huh, ok, yup, oh just waiting for this person to comment back.

Damn Ryan, you are so obsessed!

Facebook be like microwaves, simulated heat

Yesterday I went to my families

mom gave me a hug, felt my toes tingle

pops was cutting vegetables for homemade chicken noodle soup and i finally stopped shivering

brothers showed up with new raps and my fingers balled to a fist

we are starting to dethaw


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