Vampires and Mirrors


what if vampires could see themselves in the mirror?

would they stop mistaking emptiness for their own reflection?

is that what they really need from our blood, our essence, our ability to see ourselves?

do they just want to see themselves?

is that the disconnect,

we try to guard our necks and they just want to be seen?

is that why they constantly wrecking scenes?

talking about who owes them, and how hard it was to die.

constantly attempting to reassure the world

they hate the taste of blood, as it drips from their fangs.

that ultraviolet light is discriminatory against them, they are simply trying to stay alive.

would bodies continue to pile, every 28 hours, leaking melanin and hemoglobin?

would they need to shapeshift? or would their own bodies be enough?

would they need armies stalking the night enforcing their terror?

would this madness cease if they could simply see themselves?

if vampires could see their reflection in the mirror, would they remember they too were human?

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