Walter Scott, Mumia and abolishing whiteness

I woke up to #WalterScott all over my timeline. The video is horrendous. It feels like something out of a bad move, it’s the scene people would say is unrealistic: cop murders black man in cold-blood and slowly walks over to plant a weapon by his dead body, while another cop is there! That shit don’t happen! But that shit did happen, and we got it on tape! That’s the really scary part, without the video how many people would believe what took place? How many interpretations of medical examiners reports and official documents which blame Walter Scott would we be subjected to? *** I saw a picture of Mumia Abu-Jamal yesterday that sent chills through my body. Undiagnosed and untreated diabetes is ravaging him, and the state of Pennsylvania could care less. Mumia has survived so much already but the state is relentless. If they can’t stick a needle in his arm they will kill him this way. I don’t believe that this attack on Mumia is coincidental. I believe the #blacklivesmatter movement, and the heightened consciousness that has resulted, presented a real opportunity to mobilize for Mumia to finally gain his freedom and the system is doing everything it can to keep that from happening, from Mumia being to America what Mandela was to South Africa. For decades Mumia and his supporters have said the police brutalized him and set him up for the murder of Daniel Faulkner. This has been met with a consistent skepticism from liberals who often draw the line at supporting Mumia (or Assata). I can’t help but wonder what the video tape of December 9th 1981 would look like? abcf-political-prisoners-free-mumia-abu-jamal **** They tell me I shouldn’t be trying to identify as anything other than white. That’s denying my privilege, they say. I can’t get with it. Whiteness is the product of white supremacy. It’s our boarding pass for this awful ride. So many of the same people gripping tight to their whiteness spend a lot of their time thinking and talking about dismantling white supremacy. How do you dismantle something if you still identify with its most significant production? I wonder if they see the irony? What I do know is Walter Scott is dead, Mumia is still behind bars, dying, and people out here still worrying about how to be good white folks, ignoring Baldwin’s wisdom: ” as long as you think you’re white there’s no hope for you.” AbolishWhiteness

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