A Truth-Telling Thanksgiving

Last night five peaceful protesters were shot by white supremacists in Minneapolis.  As Black Lives Matter demands a fundamental shift in society, white supremacy is desperately trying to do whatever it can to hold onto its position in society.

Many of us, in the next few days, will be gathering with family and friends, and it is more important than ever that we engage conversations about race and it’s insidious impact on every aspect of our society. Here are some resources and frames to help us make these conversations more than just arguments but effective at moving people towards justice.

  1. Minnesota Nice is racist! We need to deal with this fundamental truth.
  2. All Lives Matter is racist nonsense.  All lives matter is simply an iteration of white people’s fear that, as the country changes both demographically and ideologically, they will experience the same type of marginalization they facilitate over people of color.
  3. Get out your feelings! One of my co-workers reminded me that we      need to be treating racism like a disease. If someone notices our cough, or our cold, or that we have the flu we don’t get defensive and mad about it, we get medicine. We need to treat racism the same way. If someone points out an action, a joke, a statement, or anything else that is racist we need to find the cure not ignore the sickness. Robin DiAngelo offers some guidelines for that.

While the struggle is certainly happening on the streets it is also happening in our homes and in our families. May we have courage to fight on both fronts.

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