I was recently chosen for a fellowship dedicated to elevating the School Board race in Minneapolis. I’m looking forward to sharing with you all and building education in our city. Here is an excerpt from my first writing where I talk more about what the fellowship means to me.

I believe in education. Truly, I do. I believe in the production of knowledge. I believe that when we produce knowledge in community that we can solve the world’s problems. I don’t have a lot of faith in schools.

In the documentary film Precious Knowledge there is a scene where a teacher is complaining about how dysfunctional the students are and educator Jeff Duncan-Andrade responds by saying “I have never met a kid with a dysfunctional relationship to learning. I’ve met a lot of kids with a dysfunctional relationship to school.” In my years as a classroom teacher I can personally attest to the truth of Duncan-Andrade’s statement. So often I see beautiful, powerful young people being told that they are broken. Being told that what they know, what they have lived, what is in their bones, is a lie. Too often the expectation is that these bright shining stars dim their light and contort themselves to fit into a way of knowing which is openly hostile and violent to their truths. And they are expected to smile and say thank you.

This is wrong.

Click here for the rest of the piece


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