Wrapping Up 2016 Preparing for Trump’s America

I started 2016 with a commitment to becoming a better writer and using whatever reach I had to try and move the conversation towards justice and humanity. I am committing to the same thing in 2017. In Trump’s America we are going to have to wage battles over ideas and material realities, I’m spending the rest of 2016 steeling myself for that reality.

All Power to the People

Here is a wrap up of 2016:

Top 5 Posts

5) About my Brothers in Oregon

4) An Open Letter to the Alt-Right

3) This is Why We Hate You: misadventures in gentrification 

2) I have a Daughter and When I’m Most Honest with Myself  I’ve been too much like Trump

1) Overwhelming Silence: white silence and Alton Sterling

Also did some writing over at the Twin Cities Daily Planet

When White Families Avoid Talking about Race

#AGreatCityRises and the Toll of Gentrification 

More than a Mock Election

On the Radio

Scott Voorhees Show in Omaha talking about white silence



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