Stop Lying! Tell the Truth About School Choice

It’s back to school. An exciting yet nerve-racking time, especially for families starting out at new schools. There are few decisions as important as where to send your child to school, but, sadly, the school choice debate does little to ease the nerves around that decision or help families navigate the minefield of failing schools. Too often the conversation is framed as a dichotomy where you are either pro-traditional district schools and necessarily then anti-charter, or you are pro-charter and necessarily anti-district. This framework lacks nuance and does little to solve the issues facing Minnesota, which is home to some of the largest achievement gaps in the country and was ranked just last week as second-worst in the nation for overall racial inequality. As a parent and longtime educator who has taught in a variety of school settings, I would propose three fundamental truths to add much-needed depth to the conversation and, more importantly, push the state towards educating all children.

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