Playing the White Card

The country woke up Tuesday morning to the news that Donald Trump plans on eliminating birthright citizenship via an Executive Order. This is yet another blatant leveraging of whiteness to energize Trump’s white working class base. The violence inherent in its worldview means nothing to Trump or those that work with him. This move plainly illustrates that the elevation of white supremacy is fundamental, and a priority. It exposes the lie that the Constitution or any aspirational principles enshrined within it, or any other founding document’s rhetoric, are anything other than distractions for the masses who need something to believe in.

To backup, when we say ‘white supremacy’ we mean the systems and institutions that benefit people who are considered white; ‘white privilege’ meaning the benefits afforded those with the closest proximity to whiteness; and ‘whiteness’ meaning the worldview that comes with white supremacy, which since its creation in anti-miscegenation laws in the 1600’s has sought to divide the laboring class. In the 1600’s the purpose of anti-miscegenation laws was to separate poor whites from poor blacks in the south by making it illegal for an, “English or another white man or woman” to marry a black person (which was common practice before states enacted these laws). This separation meant a divided laboring class that could not find power in numbers to rise up against the ruling English elite. Jump ahead 400 years, and those in power are still using whiteness to divide and separate…

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