Undermining The Social Order… Yes Please!

Recently Lou Dobbs and an all-male conservative panel freaked out. Normally this wouldn’t inspire me to dedicate any more time or effort than it took me to laugh. Today, though, it did. Lou and his panel were up in arms about the new Pew study that shows 4 out of 10 households have women as the… Continue reading Undermining The Social Order… Yes Please!

On Fried Chicken and Active Whiteness

It’s funny how things intersect. Two days ago I would never have guessed I would be talking about whiteness as a verb in the context of the PGA. Yet, that is precisely what I find myself doing. On Monday Sergio Garcia threw the latest verbal punch at Tiger Woods in what has been a war… Continue reading On Fried Chicken and Active Whiteness

On Tipping Points and Justice

This winter was, by far, the worst winter I can remember. It started early, it snowed a lot, and it lasted into May. This winter pushed me close to my tipping point. When I got in my car yesterday afternoon, rolled down the windows and opened up the sun roof in my car, the temperature… Continue reading On Tipping Points and Justice

Hopkins High’s Ghetto Spirit Day

In February,  white students at Hopkins High School, members of the ski team, held what they called “Rappers Day,” which became known as “Ghetto Spirit Day,” in celebration of an upcoming trip. It consisted of students dressing up as “gangstas” including: wearing do-rags, gold chains, sagging pants etcetera. This has garnered attention because two students… Continue reading Hopkins High’s Ghetto Spirit Day